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Why a Desk Booking System Is Crucial In the Hybrid Workplace

Updated: Apr 19


The Hybrid Workplace is a growing and evolving phenomenon - businesses across the spectrum are contending with the complex coordination of office space with many colleagues opting for some type of blended work arrangement; sometimes in the office, other times Working From Home (WFH).

Desk Booking systems in the Hybrid Workplace office are becoming more and more popular as they allow users to efficiently plan their on-site time while allowing management to monitor, manage and analyse how their office space is used. They also allow for efficient utilisation of desk space by actively managing no-shows and freeing up space.

A highly configurable Desk Booking system can be incorporated into any workspace and from a facilities management perspective, can help to improve capacity management, space planning and even environmental control management.

What is Desk Booking?

Desk Booking is a term used in office planning to describe the act of reserving a workstation, usually a desk, in advance. The purpose of Desk Booking is to ensure that each employee has a workspace to use when they need it, and that the office remains organised and tidy.

The process can be done manually using paper sign-up sheets but as the complexity of the Hybrid Workplace becomes more apparent, many organisations are looking to computerised systems (i.e. online reservation systems). Modern Desk Booking systems typically have smartphone apps, can be accessed from any browser and are integrated with the organisations IT infrastructure e.g. Office 365/MS Teams.

Desk Booking is a also a planning tool that allows for the allocation of resources in a more controlled and efficient manner. It establishes rules for the use of resources and helps to ensure that these resources are used in the most effective way possible.

How does Desk Booking work?

To reserve a workspace, usually a desk, in an office the booking is typically made through a calendar on your smartphone app, browser, or kiosk that assigns time slots to workspaces and keeps track of the availability of the desks.

The process is usually controlled by applying constraints and rules, the most basic of which is that a booked desk cannot be used for anything else during that time slot. The desk booking platform can be configured to handle a wide range of complex rules - the most common would include a rule stating that if someone does not show up for their reservation (no shows), may lose their spot after a prescribed period of time.

The system can also be configured to make certain desks unavailable for booking (fixed desks), others available to book by anyone (hot desks), and others only by certain groups (this enables desk “neighbourhoods” to be established for departments, groups, or teams – ensuring they sit together).

You can also establish rules and norms around how many and which days should be spent in the office – there are endless combinations and permutations that can be configured depending on the business objectives.

How Organisations Use Desk Booking

Desk Booking systems are designed to help organisations manage and schedule the use of desks, meeting rooms, library space and other common/shared resources and areas.

These applications can help to speed up the process of allocating desks and rooms to employees or guests and can also provide a record of who has used each desk or room.

This type of software is especially useful in workplaces that have a hot desk policy, or where employees often need to book meeting rooms at short notice.

The best Desk Booking systems even allow organisations to book parking spaces or canteen spaces or even electric car charging spaces. This can be helpful for companies that have a blended working arrangement and constrained onsite resources e.g. limited car park spaces, not enough desks for all employees, as it means employees can access the shared facilities as long as they plan ahead.

Why Desk Booking Systems are Crucial in the Hybrid Workplace

The Hybrid Workplace is really only in its infancy and as we emerge from the pandemic it is destined to evolve further. Businesses are only beginning to recognise the complexities that the Return to Office presents.

After more than two years of WFH some businesses do not have enough desks in their facility (even with physical distancing restrictions removed). Other businesses are finding that they have an abundance of space and perhaps are thinking about downsizing their office footprint or re-purposing areas. And more businesses again are struggling with the competing desires of management to see people back in the office and employees who value their blended or WFH arrangement. These are all dynamic factors that are challenging to manage without a planning system sophisticated enough to handle these complexities.

Desk Booking systems allow users to easily plan their on site time while also giving management the tool to monitor, manage and analyse how their office space is used.


In conclusion, Desk Booking is an effective way to manage office space and optimise productivity. It allows for a more efficient use of space and helps to ensure that employees have the resources they need to do their job.

Desk Booking systems are a great way to manage your resources and keep track of who is using them. They allow businesses to design the Hybrid Workplace model and also see how their facility is being used and make data-driven decisions on how the organisation evolves to meet the challenges of the modern operating environment.

If you are looking for a way to improve your office's efficiency, streamline the desk management process and manage capacity in your business, a Desk Booking system may be the solution you are looking for.


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