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Understand deeply. Optimise effectively.

We have a range of off-the-shelf and custom-developed solutions from OpEx project management, resource management and workplace optimisation.

Digital Solutions

IoT Sensors, Technology, Real-Data on time, Ireland

Occupancy Sensors

Enhance your workspace and resource management with TRUCount Occupancy Sensors, the state-of-the-art solution designed to optimize the use of your business environments. Our sensors offer real-time data and insights across various applications:

Desk Sensors

Room Sensors

Zone Sensors

Car Park Sensors:

Workplace Analytics

TRUCount Analytics revolutionises the way businesses understand and utilise their workspaces. This sophisticated analytics platform is designed for decision-makers who need actionable insights to optimise workspace efficiency and effectiveness. Key features include:

Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring

Usage Trends Analysis:

Customisable Dashboards

Predictive Analytics

Workplace Analytics, Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring, Ireland

SmartWay2 for Desk Booking

SmartWay2 optimises workplace environments by streamlining the management of meeting rooms, desks, and other resources. Designed for businesses that value flexibility and efficiency, this solution empowers users to book spaces effortlessly and manage resources more effectively. Key features include:

Flexible Booking System

Space Utilisation Analytics

Integrated Mobile App

Customisable Settings

Desk Booking, SmartWay2, Ireland
Space Utilisation, Dashboards, Office, Hybrid work, Ireland
CapIQ, Capacity and Resource Management, Stats, Ireland


The Design Phase is where we transform insights into action. Drawing on our findings, we develop customized solutions that streamline your operations and enhance efficiency.


This phase involves developing digital tools and matching Operational Excellence strategies tailored to address your specific challenges, ensuring the proposed changes are practical, impactful, and ready for implementation.

Workplace Tech, Space Utilisation, Ireland
Resource Utilisation Tracking, Intuitive Dashboards, reland

PlanIQ for Lean Project Management

PlanIQ revolutionises how organisations manage their lean portfolios, projects, initiatives, and tasks based on lean management principles,  Key features include:

Comprehensive Lean Project Management

Lean Initiative Tracking

Task Management

Real-Time Dashboards

Collaborative Workspace

PlanIQ , Lean Project Management, Ireland


SkematIQ enables anyone to create and manage manual occupancy surveys with interactive floor plans, analytics dashboards, and data-driven insights.

User-friendly floor plan upload

Interactive floor plans
Data analytics dashboard
Fully customisable surveys
Available on smart devices

SkematIQ, Surveys, Floor Plans, Analytics Dashboard, Ireland

CapIQ for Capacity & Resource Management 

CapIQ empowers businesses to efficiently manage and maximise their operational capacity. This dynamic tool is ideal for managers needing precise control over resource allocation and capacity planning. Key features include:

Resource Utilisation Tracking

Capacity Forecasting

Efficiency Recommendations

Intuitive Dashboards

Workplace Analytics, Workplace Dynamics, Ireland
Capacity Forecasting, Operational Capacity, Ireland
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