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Our Technologies

State-of-the-art, proven and field tested technologies in the emerging Workplace Analytics space.

Our sophisticated desk booking and workplace analytics platforms can integrate seamlessly with our discreet desk, room and zone sensors to deliver powerful utilisation metrics.

Smart Buildings

occupancy management

  • Monitor & Control Capacity

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Highly accurate (99%+)

  • Desk | Room | Zone | Floor | Building

desk booking

  • Increase desk usage efficiency

  • Enable hot-desking

  • Manage desk demand

  • Reduce desk ownership

  • Reduce office footprint

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Workplace analytics

  • Data-driven decision-making

  • Footprint Optimisation

  • Enhance Site Utilisation

  • Enable Smart Building Strategy

  • Real Estate Portfolio Reduction 

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access control

  • Control Access to Hazardous Areas

  • Automatic Deployment (Evacuation Safe)

  • Reduce Insurance / Claim costs

Occupancy Management Systems
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TRUCount Room8_edited.png


Occupancy Management Sensors & Systems

TRUCount’s Smart IoT sensors are the most accurate people counting technology on the market. 

We deliver sensor solutions and integrations for a range of challenges including desk, room, zone and whole site occupancy monitoring.

Desk Booking

Desk booking is becoming an integral part of the hybrid workplace. Colleagues will interchange between working from home and in the office much more frequently. enables organisations to manage this new work dynamic seamlessly by mapping desks and meeting rooms and allowing colleagues and leaders to balance WFH and on site by booking workspaces easily.

Desk Booking & Workplace Planning

Workplace Analytics

Enable your sites Smart Building strategy. Make data-driven decisions around densification, footprint and portfolio optimisation, and resource allocation. Improve energy sustainability and utilities spend.

Workplace Analytics

Access Control 

Slips, Trips and Falls are the number one cause of Workplace Accidents in Ireland (Source: HSA). Warehouses are another high risk zone for Workplace Injury.

TRUCount Flex is a smart flexible barrier for safe access control that prevents entry during periods of danger, like during loading/unloading and immediately after cleaning floors.

Access Control

About Us

PRODIGEO Ltd. (also trading as SiteIQ) is a pioneering Irish systems integrator and managed service provider. 

We design, develop, sell and manage technology platforms and cutting-edge hardware that deliver significant cost savings to our clients. 

Our solutions optimise site utilisation, stimulate workplace productivity, and enhance site safety and security across a wide range of industry sectors. 

Our dedication to technical excellence, innovation and problem-solving is only matched by our customer service.


(021) 234 8387 / 085 154 8875

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