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Discover our range of tailored solutions designed to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and transform your workspace for the better.



At SiteIQ, we offer a suite of tailored services designed to deeply understand and improve your business operations.

Manual Occupancy and Space Studies

Business Process Audits

Value Stream Mapping

Digital Maturity Assessments

Risk Assessments

Benchmarking Studies


Surveyors, Manual Occupancy Study, Data Collection, Office, Ireland
Workplace Tech, IoT Sensors, Ireland


In the Design phase at SiteIQ, we craft solutions informed by the insights gained during the Understand phase, focusing on:

Workplace Optimisation Strategies

Project Planning & Solution Design

Technology Integration Plans

Workflow Optimisation

Pilot Testing

Implementation Roadmaps


In the Optimise phase at SiteIQ, we actively implement our carefully designed plans, focusing on:

Project Management & Execution

Performance Monitoring

Technology Integration & Adoption

Change Management & Training

Sustainability Initiatives

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Smart people, Smart buildings, Sensors, Tech, Ireland

Client Stories

Discover how SiteIQ has transformed challenges into success stories. From pharma companies to educational institutions, see the real impact of our tailored digital solutions.

Client Location: Cork

A multinational pharmaceutical company was bogged down by outdated, Excel-based processes that slowed innovation and efficiency. Their reliance on manual systems led to data errors and operational bottlenecks.

Year: 2020

SiteIQ conducted a thorough digital assessment to understand the depths of their reliance on Excel and pinpoint where modernization could break through the inefficiency. We mapped their processes, identifying key areas for digital upgrades.

Industry: Pharma

The outcome was transformative. By implementing tailored digital solutions, we streamlined their business processes, reducing errors and saving significant time. The shift not only boosted productivity but also paved the way for future innovation.

Client Location: Dublin

A leading higher education institution struggled with scheduling inefficiencies that resulted in underused lecture halls and student dissatisfaction with class availability.

Year: 2023

SiteIQ deployed advanced sensor technology to gather real-time data on lecture hall usage. This in-depth analysis revealed significant inefficiencies in the current scheduling system.

Industry: Higher Ed.

Armed with this data, the institution was able to overhaul their lecture scheduling process, ensuring optimal use of space and aligning class times with student demand. 

Client Location: Cork

A pharmaceutical company faced challenges with constrained office space, leading to overcrowding and inefficient use of resources. The lack of space was impacting employee satisfaction and productivity.

Year: 2023

After conducting a manual occupancy study, SiteIQ uncovered the root causes of their space constraints. We then implemented an advanced desk booking system and sensor technology to monitor and optimize space utilization in real-time.

Industry: Biopharma

The changes led to a dramatic improvement in workspace efficiency and employee satisfaction. The company could now effectively manage its office space, reducing overcrowding and enhancing the overall work environment, making it more dynamic and responsive to employee needs.

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