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Workplace Analytics

Enable your sites Smart Building strategy. Improve energy sustainability and utilities spend.

Make data-driven decisions around densification, footprint and portfolio optimisation, and resource allocation.

Reporting & Analytics for data-driven decision-making.

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Workplace Analytics Features

  • Data-driven decision-making

  • Site Densification Strategy

  • Footprint Optimisation

  • Enhance Site Utilisation

  • Enable Smart Building Strategy

  • Real Estate Portfolio Reduction Strategy

  • Timetabling module for Higher Education 

  • Connectivity: Building Management System, Occupancy Management Sensors, WiFi, Desk Booking System

Powerful Metrics

Access to actual utilisation metrics allows for data-driven decision making.

Drill down from entire site, floor by floor in any building, room or zone metrics and even down as far as desk occupancy metrics.

These real data give leadership the tools to visualise how their site is being used and adapt to the changing world.

Why Workplace Analytics?

TRUCount Analytics offers organisations an opportunity to leverage existing sensors and deploy smart IoT occupancy sensors to provide unprecedented insights into how their sites are being used.

Armed with this information, businesses can implement a range of data-driven, cost-saving initiatives, from Energy Sustainability projects, to waste elimination in the canteen and Corporate Real Estate optimisation strategies to make sure the companies assets are being utilised to their optimum capabilities

Energy Sustainability

On average, approximately 50% of commercial utilities energy consumption is between HVAC and Lighting [Source: ABB].

By leveraging the power of real-time analytics, integrated with the site Building Management System to reduce this energy spend be significantly reduced.

Demonstrated 25%+ reduction in energy overheads with ROI in 2 years is thoroughly achievable.

Modern Building

Real Estate Optimisation

It has been estimated that up to 37% of global office space is unoccupied daily and that was pre-pandemic - the hybrid workplace post-COVID is going to mean even less efficient use of commercial office space.

SiteIQ enables our clients to make data-driven decisions about how to increase the efficiency of their real estate.

These decisions might include portfolio reduction, capital allocation, buy-sell-rent-move, WFH strategy or desk:person ratio increase. 

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Space Optimisation

The pandemic has forced many organisations to re-imagine how their workplaces will be used in the future.


Physical distancing measures, collaboration space, and the blended WFH/Site model are going to impact workstation availability and workplace capacity.


In reality, with turbulent times ahead, only data driven insights can enable organisations to adapt with agility.



SiteIQ's Workplace Analytics platform aggregates  data from multiple sources such as TRUCount Occupancy Management sensors, the desk booking platform, WiFi, and the swipe card access system.

This gives the truest and most comprehensive insights into site utilisation.

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