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TRUCount Park

Car Park Management System

The Car Park Management and Analytics Solution from SiteIQ is a no-barrier solution designed to highlight available capacity in car parks to save employee time and increase productivity.

In scenarios where capacity is an issue it reduces waiting time, optimises space, and reduces time spent searching.

And the cloud-based analytics allow site management to understand the dynamics of their car parks.

What is TRUCount Park?

TRUCount Park employs wireless IoT sensors to detect the usage patterns of car parks, by installing them at entry/exit points and key intersections. This approach enables the system to evaluate the overall and zone-level occupancy of the car park. The captured data is then relayed to screens or traffic lights at the car park's entrance(s), which displays the availability or occupancy status of parking spaces to drivers.


Furthermore, the system transfers the data wirelessly to the TRUCount data Analytics platform via the cloud. This feature enables the platform to deliver insightful metrics, such as actual car park utilization and historical trends, among other key performance indicators.

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TRUCount Park Benefits

  • Enhances productivity by minimizing the time employees spend searching for parking spaces.

  • Streamlines traffic management during peak hours by providing real-time information on parking occupancy and capacity.

  • Easy to install with wireless and battery-powered IoT sensors.

  • Provides valuable insights into car park usage through cloud-based communication.

  • Features a simple and flexible system that displays the number of available parking spaces.

  • Can be customized to meet specific client needs.

  • A standalone solution that does not require barriers or integrations.


TRUCount Park data can be routed to the cloud and integrated with the advanced Workplace Analytics platform to delivery key information on car park utilisation, peak times, heat maps etc.

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