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TRUCount Flex
Access Management System

TRUCount Flex is a smart flexible barrier for safe access control that prevents over-crowding and entry during or immediately after cleaning preventing slips, trips and falls.  

Slips, Trips & Falls


Cause of Workplace Accidents in Ireland


People injured EVERY DAY by Slips, Trips & Falls


Lead to over a month off work


Average Cost of SL&F claim

TRUCount Flex Features

  • Flexible and (evacuation) safe

  • Quick-deploy air barrier

  • Wall-mounted Quick install

  • Smart LCD Panel (Touch control and settings)

  • Traffic Light Colour-coding

  • Audible Alarm (barrier breach)

  • Cleaning / Maintenance / Lockdown Modes

  • Password Protected

  • Cleaning/Drying dwell times

  • Countdown timer on screen

  • Records all activity (deploy times, breaches etc.)

  • Wireless Connectivity between Units (for One Touch Area closure)

  • Customisable Messaging

  • Manually Configurable

  • Low Maintenance

  • IP54 (or higher)

  • Connectable with TRUCount

  • Scalable System

TRUCount Flex in the Lab

In this example, TRUCount Flex is deployed to prevent entry to an airlock while the floor is being cleaned and whilst drying.

Equally, either unit could be used to prevent access to the rooms on either side of the airlock

TRUCount Flex
TRUCount Flex Warehouse Use Case.png

TRUCount Flex in the Warehouse

In this example, TRUCount Flex is deployed to prevent entry to a Warehouse while loading and unloading.

In this scenario the TRUCount Flex units are connected; turning on lockdown mode, locks all pedestrian access.

It is also possible to trigger the TRUCount Flex units using remote or automatic signals from the forklift trucks.



Wet Floors

Wet Floor

Engineer in Laboratory

Clean Room

Electric Grinder

Hazardous Area

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