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Occupancy Management System

TRUCount is the most accurate occupancy management and workplace analytics technology on the market.


Designed to automatically and compliantly monitor & control capacity, capture occupancy and utilisation data for any workplace.

Offering a wide range of use cases from under-desk, room and zone monitoring and management.

TRUCount Features

  • 100% GDPR Compliant

  • 99%+ Accuracy

  • Reduce In-person Monitoring

  • Implement Capacity Limits

  • Control Occupancy of communal spaces

  • Monitor & Display Real-time Occupancy

  • Analyse Occupancy Trends  

  • Reduce Cost of Security 

  • Ideal for workplace canteens, restrooms, changing rooms, clean rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, libraries etc.


TRUCount Sensors

TRUCount sensors are discreet IoT motion sensors that are positioned in key locations like entryways, rooms and even under desks.

The sensors feed information wirelessly to the cloud where it can be analysed and displayed.

They are not cameras and no personal information is captured, making them 100% GDPR Compliant.


TRUCount Data can be routed to the cloud and integrated with the advanced Workplace Analytics platform to delivery key information on site utilisation, footfall, heat maps etc.

TRUCount Desk can integrate with Desk Booking platforms to enable automatic check in/out and also provide granular desk utilisation analytics

TRUCount Analytics 1_edited.png

TRUCount is Scalable

TRUCount can be deployed at a single location, in an office, manufacturing facility or across an entire university campus.

The system can provide key insights into how your desks, office, building or site is used, leading to data-driven decision making as organisations adapt to the hybrid workplace.

Image by Michał Parzuchowski

TRUCount in the Canteen

We have deployed TRUCount in multiple workplace canteens across Ireland.

The canteen is an key communal area and one that requires careful management in the hybrid workplace.

With TRUCount workplaces can set capacity limits, display occupancy versus capacity in real time and indicate to employees when it is safe to enter. TRUCount even has a Smartphone App where users can remotely see the capacity in real time.

TRUCount in Manufacturing

TRUCount has been implemented in essential manufacturing to control occupancy numbers in key communal zones including locker rooms, airlocks, offices and thoroughfares.

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