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Smart Signage

Keep your site safe, compliant and informed

What is InSite Smart Signage?

InSite Smart Signage enables businesses to use their existing TV hardware to deliver high-quality, curated content to their employees, contractors and visitors.

Are you effectively communicating COVID-19 messaging around your site?

Display rolling, dynamic content (including videos) at key locations around your site including COVID-19 hygiene and site protocols, real-time COVID-19 news & statistics, site safety information, warnings and alerts, site new and announcements & site metrics.


  • Use existing site TV and internet hardware.

  • Hardware-sourcing (at cost)

  • Content can be customised by location e.g. entrances, communal areas (like canteens), offices.

  • Unlimited numbers of screens can be enabled


  • COVID-19 Safety & Hygiene Messaging

  • Site Safety

  • Dynamic Video

  • Slideshows

  • Images

  • Infographics & Metrics

  • Curated News

  • Site Specific Bulletins


  • In-house (remote) Graphic Design Team collaborates with Client

  • Responsive customisation

  • Org. Logo and Branding

  • Real-time updating

  • NDA confidentiality

FROM    €0.99per screen*


Install InSite on your site for as little as €0.99 per screen per day

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