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Desk Booking & Workplace Planning

Book desks on the browser or on the go with our Smartphone app. Enable the Hybrid Workplace with smart rule implementation, notifications and reminders. 

Seamless booking and check in.

Reporting & Analytics for data-driven decision-making.


Desk Booking Features

  • Increase desk usage efficiency

  • Enable hot-desking

  • Manage desk demand

  • Reduce desk ownership

  • Reduce office footprint

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve on site visibility

  • Enable reactive cleaning

  • Connectivity: Workplace Analytics, Smart Displays, Smartphone App, Access Control Systems

Book from an interactive floor plan

Whether from the browser or the Smartphone App, it's easier for users to check availability and select where they want to book from an interactive floor plan.

Our Live View shows the status in real-time, what's bookable and what's available.

Create Office Neighbourhoods

All workplaces naturally develop teams, departments, projects and working groups.

It makes sense to create dedicated areas for these groups and ensure they can collaborate more closely by sitting together.

COVID-19 Rules

Configure the platform to block out desks in close proximity once a booking is made.

Enable reactive cleaning with cleaning intervals, reports and notifications.

Generate close contact reports easily.

Find a Colleague

The hybrid workplace requires planned collaboration. In a hot-desking environment it may not be possible to know where your workmates will be sitting from day-to-day.

Enable this feature to allow colleagues to find each other.

Desk Usage Analytics

Analyse usage, no-shows and desk occupancy - go further with integration to smart sensors.

Data-driven decision-making for leaders in the hybrid workplace, means you take the guesswork out of how your desks and offices are being used.

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