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Workforce Case Management Platform

What is CaseManager?

CaseManager is the only purpose-built SaaS platform designed for large organisations to manage, monitor and report on COVID-19 impacts on their workforces.

CaseManager allows managers, people leads and occupational health staff to progress and monitor each case through a predefined process flow from initial notification, through testing and eventually to recovery and return to work.


An advanced Data Analytics Dashboard allows management to capture key metrics that monitor the health and wellbeing of every case through to recovery.

Paper questionnaires and Excel spreadsheets are poor tools for organisations when all projections point to successive waves of infection and lockdowns for the next 2 years – CaseManager streamlines, digitises and automates those processes so leaders can focus on decision-making.


Secure SaaS platform

Access privilege controlled

Privacy guaranteed


Access from any browser

User friendly & Intuitive

Digital Questionnaires


Work Safely Protocol Compliant

GDPR Compliant

HSA Compliant


Advanced Dashboard

Data Analytics



Digital Questionnaires

Predetermined Workflows

Advanced Dashboards

Anonymous Mode

GDPR & HSA Compliant

Manage the Process

  1. Open a Potential Case 

  • An employees reports ill or that they have come in contact with a confirmed case

  • Register the Potential Case on the CaseManager platform


2. Action & Assessment

  • Capture Immediate Actions

  • CaseManager Questionnaire - assess the situation and identify any risk to site

  • Identify Close Contacts on site 

  • Create follow up actions with owners and due dates


3. Monitor & Progress

  • Define the process flow and follow each case  from notification, through testing and recovery to return to work

  • Follow up with employees regularly and update status on CaseManager with any device


    4. Drive Performance

  • CaseManager creates a database of all Potential & Confirmed Cases and Close Contacts on site

  • The advanced Data Analytics Dashboard will display in real-time, the site COVID status and key trends

  • Use CaseManager's Powerful Metrics to Drive Decision-making and Performance


5. Manage Return to Work

  • Track Cases until closure and manage the return to work/site process

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